The Onyx Foundation is pleased to announce the three winners and two runners-up of the our second annual C.L.R. James Scholar Essay Contest. This year's essays examine gender in conversation with race, class, and empire. Contest winners shared histories of community struggles for women's liberation in the United States and the world over. From struggles over sexuality in the women's movement, to defining women's labor and the role of caring work, to women's roles in anti-racist and anti-imperialist movements, there is a proud tradition of women who have refused to accept subordinate roles to their families or to the state. The Onyx Foundation would like to thank and congratulate our contest winners for their wonderful contributions.


First Prize
Karen Ishizuka. Flying in the Face of Race, Gender, Class and Age: A Story About Kazu Iijima, One of the Mothers of the Asian American Movement On the First Year Anniversary of Her Death.

Second Prize
Stevphen Shukaitis. Questions for Aeffective Resistance.

Third Prize
Sara Wooten. The Politics of Abuse: Transwomen and the Struggle for Validation in the Feminist Movement.

Runner-Up Entries

Grace L. B. Sanders. “Mon identité c’est pas une identité Haïtienne en totale”: Gender, Race, Class and Haitian Transnational Activism in Montreal, Canada, 1960-2002.

Karel Sloane-Boekbinder. Gender and Empire.